Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

A real time CRM application is useful in itself since it allows managing your customers and contacts, your customer service processes and marketing campaigns. But customized to fit your processes and improve your CRM solution, it can grow your business even further. It will help you achieve your goals and improve your productivity by streamlining your particular process since it will be adapted to your reality.
You can automate tasks that your team would have to perform manually, connect your data for detailed reporting and visibility into your business, and help you manage your projects and your billing. For example, you can take advantage of the integration with Outlook, SharePoint, and OneNote to link the processes currently managed from network shares, excel spreadsheets, and other non-integrated tools. Also, users who are already familiar with the interface of your CRM application can easily navigate while taking advantage of its powerful features.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations for Foundations & Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Find and retain your members and donors
  • Enhance the image of your association or your foundation
  • Optimize your collection of donations and contributions
  • Boost your communication campaigns
  • Simplify the work of volunteers and staff


Here are some of the questions we ask our customers when considering customize their Microsoft Dynamics solution 365

What are the main benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration & customized solution?

The main advantage of a customized & integration CRM solution is that it works the same way as you do. By having a system that adapts to your processes and operations instead of the other way around, you can improve efficiency across your entire company. You can consolidate all the details of your business, customers, and others since the solution can be modified to match the names and previous forms and adapt to internal jargon and specific needs of your business. This ensures high adoption rates because users feel that the system was built based on their specific needs. They will be able to get used to it quickly.

What aspects of the solution can be customized?

There is virtually no limit to the items that can be customized into your CRM solution. Fields to forms, through the business processes and workflows, you can change your system to meet your specific needs and operations. The views and reports can be customized to give you the data and the level of detail you need when you need them. You then get an improved visibility into your business and the information necessary for the management of your operations.

Is it easy to customize a CRM solution?

Microsoft has made it simple and labelled it as an “xRM solution.” The structure of the Microsoft Dynamics platform is used to build relationships between different elements by leveraging on its security, stability and other robust features such as intuitive navigation, functions, and offline workflows. Thus, an xRM solution goes beyond traditional CRM functionality by establishing links between various elements included in your CRM and elsewhere.

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