Online Email Marketing Solution: Simple, affordable and complete

We all have the same problem: a lot of things to do and not enough time. We want to communicate more effectively with our customers, but do not know where to start. Many do not have the technological expertise, nor the team needed to get there.
Whether you want shipment of newsletters to promotional emails from greeting cards to coupons or automated marketing. Don’t worry! We can do it with ease.
Increase sales and communicate more effectively with customers is the purpose of marketing. It is often difficult to navigate to make the right choice among the array of marketing tools from social media advertising, through directories and public relations. The good news is that all the experts agree that email is the heart of any good marketing strategy.

Why is email marketing software essential?

Because it is what your customers want

72% of consumers prefer that companies communicate with them by email rather than by any other means. It is true even for the younger generation!

Generates Sales

Do you know that for 2 out of 3 companies, the marketing email is the primary source of income? Email marketing is responsible for 23% of company revenues, a figure constantly increasing. In the retail trade, 81% of consumers make additional purchases (online or in store) following a promotional email personalized B2B, 46% of companies prefer email marketing for its ability to generate leads and better qualify while 32% appreciate the fact that it reduces the sales cycle and improve the success rate of sales.

Easy and Simple

If you can write an email to your customers, you can easily get results with an email marketing software. The simplest promotional emails are often the most effective. The only difficulty is to put you in the shoes of your customers and make sure that the message you send is interesting and relevant to them. Tell them the new product you just received has a special promotion, that you booked them or share interesting content that you found on the internet.
One of the benefits of email marketing is the low cost. But for many small businesses, even the small expense can be a high risk when one is not sure of the result. That’s why we offer a free account with no commitment or time limit that allows you to build an effective email marketing practice.
You can afford to start safely and we’ll help you grow, it’s our way of showing that we want to be the partner of your growth, not just a supplier. Do not wait any longer, you must also put email in the heart of your marketing and start to multiply sales and customers with your email account.

There are several email marketing automation tools that increase your business sales and revenue, such as:


HubSpot is one of the best email marketing software tools that includes email marketing, SEO, marketing automation, blogs, landing pages, social media and website design. It consists of the e-mail marketing module that integrates with lead generation tools, customization features, segmentation list, an optimizer email, a simple e-mail editor, A / B testing, campaign analysis automated dispatch and dedicated IP addresses.


AWeber is developing and managing an opt-in email marketing service used by small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers. The software includes more than 700 free templates, drag and drop e-mail editor, segmentation list, contact management tools, email marketing tracking and auto-responders.


GroupMail is a self-hosted messaging software and auto-responders enable companies to create, send and manage mass email newsletter and bulk email campaigns. There is no monthly fees or expenses using this email. Using this software, you can store an unlimited number of groups with an unlimited number of contacts, automated website subscriptions and opt-out, and create emails, using either pre-designed templates or an HTML editor.


MailChimp is a messaging platform that supports more than 7 million users worldwide. The software integrates with many third party applications including Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Instagram, Survey Monkey, Eventbrite, Etsy, Salesforce, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and Google Analytics. Software features include subscriber profiles, automation and customization tools, advanced analysis and design options.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns allows businesses to create, send and track email marketing campaigns. With Zoho, you can choose from a default list of newsletter templates or design your own. Among the features offered, it includes managing mailing lists, A / B testing, the autoresponders, email, workflow, CRM and social media integration and real-time performance monitoring.

Want to know more about email marketing software or need any assistance for email marketing? Contact us, we have a team of experts that offers online email marketing solution.