Mirosoft XRM Solutions

Philanthropy Advantage is a consulting group in customer relationship management solutions, commonly known as xRM Solutions. We focus exclusively on implementing business solutions based on our expertise: Microsoft Dynamics 365 xrm.
We already have hundreds of Dynamics CRM implementations to our credit, which is why we believe that every sales, marketing and customer service professional should have access to a simple yet powerful technology. Stick to your business activities and your clients while we take care of the technological aspect.

Do you want to develop your business activities by providing a better experience to your customers and potential customers?

We work with sales, marketing and customer service professionals. We know what it’s like to crumble under the demands of its superiors regarding sales progress, reports, customer updates and financial forecast verification.
We have a team of experts, tools and experience to ensure the success of your CRM implementation and reduce the burden on business managers and IT departments. Working with Microsoft, which invests millions every year in its Dynamics CRM platform, will help you achieve your goals.

Satisfy your Clients by adapting Microsoft Dynamics 365 XRM

Add a new dimension to your customer relationships with Microsoft dynamics xrm, a solution that increases the relevance of your customer approach and improves the efficiency of your team in their effort to develop sales, customer satisfaction and customer retention.
MS XRM is based on the standardization of a series of applications that is allowing you to optimize their operation and improve your strategies of automation of sales force and customer relationship management.
MS XRM does not refer to a specific type of software. It is actually an approach that modifies and uses the existing functionality of a Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management solution to create a variety of relationship-based interactions. Microsoft has invented the expression xRM, where “x” represents the various elements that can be managed with this type of solution, such as vendors, assets, resources, partners and distributors, to name a few.
This concept allows companies to better leverage on technology and improve efficiency to become more profitable. By combining your business logic, processes, and MS XRM set up and other applications, you create an xRM solution that will allow you to manage all relationships and give you the keys that are important to your business success.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the most powerful MS XRM integration solution on the market with the .NET Framework. This Framework provides a common architecture that we can use to create a customized business area that will complement the already powerful CRM tool in a very fast and cost-effective way.

Streamline Customer Service to improve Customer Satisfaction

Providing quality service, dealing with a large volume of requests without mobilizing more resources and transforming each contact into an opportunity to enhance the company is the new mission of customer service. By helping your employees quickly deliver the right answers that your customers expect from your business, we help to meet and retain them.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Customer Service module makes it easy to monitor and respond to customer requests, manage first-contact incidents at full resolution, and ensure efficient, co-managed customer service.
Philanthropy Advantage as a global company, has chosen for you the best solutions of the moment as much by their qualities of innovation as by their best quality/price ratios adapted to each market and situation. Access the data you need at any time, and offer exceptional service to your customers.