Associations, NGOs & Non-profit Organizations manage their contacts & members with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Associations or non-profit organizations have to deal with different people. They need to manage their members, communicate with sponsors and supporters, media partners, volunteers, local authorities and associations. In order to keep the viewer through this contact diversity, a simple and practical CRM software for contact management is required.
For non-profit organizations, which often have limited resources and budgets, social networks are an essential marketing tool. A social listener such as Microsoft Social Engagement will help to better boost their potential. Integrated with a Non-profit Microsoft Dynamics 365, which improves your system response time and helps you manage your events and budgets, as well as track your donors and supporters, such a module brings many benefits to your organization.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows the contacts of the association not only to manage their addresses, accounts or contact information, but also to sort them by their own categories and filters them. For example, you can see all your last year’s donors from the postal code area with just one click.

Microsoft Dynamics 365  tools that helps Non-profit Organizations to achieve success

With the dynamic tools included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 non-profit plans, you can help employees and volunteers alike. Provide the team members with a free e-mail system, features for online document processing and free space. With video conferencing, chat capabilities and a dedicated Yammer website, you can easily connect teams around the world. It is one of the Best CRM for non-profits.

CRM Foundations & NGOs to make your commitment a success

Every day, you put your enthusiasm to the success of your organization’s projects by mobilizing the necessary human resources and soliciting the necessary financial contributions. With Non-profit Microsoft Dynamics 365, each donor, patron, volunteer, partner or ambassador is at the heart of your strategy to enable you to combine vocation, professionalism and efficiency.

Build a strategy that resembles you

Whether they are social, humanitarian, cultural or religious, the missions of your organization are real projects for which you must manage the budget, organize resources, collect donations and communicate.
By integrating your processes, CRM allows you to build a strategy in line with your values and accompanies you to effectively manage each campaign and each project and analyze their results.

CRM for Non-profit Organizations

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