CRM Application & Software for Foundations that helps in capturing & retaining donors

Collect funds to finance your projects

Every day new projects are born and require more funding. To achieve the collection objectives, foundations create fundraising campaigns, develop their presence on the internet and social networks and organize benefit events. These contributes to the success of its customers by offering a complete management platform for easy fundraising operations.

Simplify & Enhance the donor experience

Attracting potential donors to your website is not enough to convert their promise into a gift. The act of engagement is essentially based on the spontaneity of the donor and the capacity of the organization to capture that moment. With simple, intuitive and web-based online donation forms, we help our clients by delivering a unique experience to their donors and maximize their conversion rate.

Boost your CRM with Qualitative & Dynamic data

The availability of information makes sense when employees can use it easily on a daily basis, as close as possible to their needs and tools. Explore offers you the possibility to directly integrate the collected data into your own CRM environment.

A unique and up-to-date database

The quality of a foundation’s data is a key factor in its success. Thanks to the centralized database, our CRM for fundraising helps you to optimize the duplication of contacts and to prevent from having multiple inputs. Whether you’re a donor, a prospect or a volunteer, updates will be made available for you in a single place at a given time, so you can spend most of your time looking for donors!

Build long lasting relationships with your donors

Today, communication has become a fundamental element in the strategy of fundraising organizations. Our expert CRM consultants enable foundations to better know all its donors in order to maintain and nurture lasting relationships through a perfectly adapted communication.

Profile your contacts

It is essential to know your contacts in order to take care of the relationship with your donors and to reach your fundraising goals. Using the CRM Software for foundations, you can categorize your donors and adapt their solicitation strategy to increase the amount of frequency of their donations.

Requirements for CRM software for foundations

  • Professional membership management that makes all member’s data transparent.
  • Organization of events from planning to implementation to evaluation.
  • Central communication platform for members and employees.


Advantages of using CRM

  • Using CRM software, all members’ information is logged in the electronic file. The central database gives an overview of the services provided, information of contacts and correspondence with the member.
  • From planning to implementation, events from 10 to more than 1000 participants are organized completely using the software. Even in the management part of the project, you keep an overview: appointments, participants, and all related documentations are clearly represented.
  • By going to a password-protected internet portal, members can access all information at any time. Long and complicated circulars become superfluous. The internet portal also serves as an internal information portal that quickly communicates information within the association.


Whether you are a small organization raising funds or a large foundation that needs a more personalized management and IT support for foundations in Kansas City. You can contact us, we offer Dynamics CRM  and IT Support in Kansas City as well as other cities in USA.